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About Us

We understand the challenges vets face when it comes to assessing and applying new technology. The verb “to vet” did not come by its meaning lightly. We get the importance of knowing that the tools you are using are reliable, effective, safe and based on sound science. That's why we've developed a comprehensive AI integration platform tailored specifically to meet your needs. We help you keep learning in order to keep up. 

Dr. Petra Harms, CEO of VetMaite knows two things to be true: rapid change is uncomfortable, and AI is changing healthcare rapidly. She founded VetMaite with the vision of empowering veterinary professionals worldwide with education, connection and networking opportunities in the realm of AI. Through VetMaite's platform, Petra aims to demystify AI technology and facilitate its adoption across all sectors of the veterinary industry. AI transition is going to take vets on a wild ride – let’s work together to make it a successful one.  

About The Founder

Listening to a dog's heartbeat

Dr. Harms has spent more than two decades working in veterinary clinics, 15 of those as a veterinarian. She has practiced medicine through seismic shifts in the medical field, from the change from paper to electronic medical records and during the ongoing evolution of EMR's.

She has practiced with fifteen veterinary medical clinics, taken part in three major technology transitions, one major facility transition, and is versed in five EMR systems. She has worked closely with a teams of highly trained emergency clinicians and specialists, and has also worked a solo practitioner in charge of day-to-day clinic operation.

In the past year, Petra has focused her education on learning about Artificial Intelligence and its significance to healthcare systems, obtaining certificates from Stanford and Harvard with more on the way.  

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